Bike Bro – Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR

The “Bike Bro” is a comprehensive dual camera HD front & rear camera system and recorder (DVR) designed exclusively for Motorcycle use.

Key Features

  • Dual Channel Synchronised Recording
  • HD Quality featuring two discrete HD Cameras for front and rear mounting
  • Automatic Recording – activates & records automatically when the bike is in motion
  • Auto Switch Off – Stops recording and shuts down automatically after bike is parked
  • Recorded video resolution 1280 x 720
  • Waterproof 140 degree wide angle lens cameras
  • Compact 6.5cm x 5.8cm DVR / control unit with 2.0” TFT Display
  • Optional Handlebar mounted event capture button for manual footage recording
  • Built in G-Shock impact sensor (variable sensitivity)
  • Event Pre-Record Function
  • Loop Recording to MicroSD Card (Upto 32GB supported)
  • Time and Date Stamp on footage
  • Bike Powered Main DVR / Control Unit with Battery Back-up
  • Menu driven via built in screen for easy set up
  • Built-In Speaker & Microphone
  • LED Torch
  • GPS Module Option
  • AVI Video Playback Format
  • 30 f/s Video Frame Rate
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to fit – Easy to use.
  • Main DVR Unit can easily be removed for security – simply unplug from loom

The “Bike Bro” comes complete with everything you need to install on any Motorcycle. The retail package consists of the following items.

  • Main Control Unit / DVR with built in high brightness display
  • 2x Waterproof HD Cameras for Front and Rear Mounting
  • Power supply for direct connection to Bike Battery
  • Generous wiring loom with waterproof connectors for plug and play installation
  • Fixtures, Adhesive Mounts, Cable Ties etc

**GPS Module and Manual Capture Button available as options**


Sample Video Footage Recorded on the “Bike Bro” System

The 6.5cm x 5.8cm DVR Control unit is also compact enough to be mounted under the seat, or next to the Bike Battery. A mounting bracket is also supplied for mounting onto the handlebars if required.


The compact DVR Control Unit can easily be removed from the Bike for security or storage purposes if required, simply by unplugging three connectors.

The optional rider dual ‘panic’ button is designed for mounting on the handlebars, where it can be used to trigger manual video footage capture.












Click Here to Download the Bike Bro Flyer (PDF)

The “Bike Bro” is competitively priced, and attractive discounts are available for retailers and distributors of Motorcycle Accessories as well as group buys from Motorcycle Clubs, Associations and Forums. Please contact us for more information on quantity and distributor prices.

The ‘Bike Bro’ can be purchased by using the buttons below.

Bike Bro System, no GPS, no Manual Capture – £149.99 + Delivery

Bike Bro System with Manual Capture Button,  No GPS  £159.98  Special Offer £149.99 + Delivery

Bike Bro System with GPS, No Manual Capture – £166.98 + Delivery  Out of Stock – Item can be back ordered – Stock Due 3rd May

Bike Bro System with GPS and Manual Capture  – £176.97 + Delivery Out of Stock – Item can be back ordered – Stock Due 3rd May

GPS Player Software for Bike Bro with GPS Option (4.9mb file)