10 Channel Vehicle LED Light Failure Monitor

VLMS-10, 10 Channel Vehicle Light Failure Monitor

Nortek LED Light Failure Monitor Product Range Brochure

VLMS-10 Key Features

Failure Monitoring of up to 10 individual lamp circuits
Self-Calibration stores load characteristics of each circuit
Failure Detection for >40% reduction of stored load
Optional Pre-Check Function
24VDC Application (other voltages available)
EMC Approved


The 10 Channel LED Light Failure Monitor connects in-line with vehicle lighting circuits to passively monitor up to 10 separate LED light circuits. When the load of a circuit falls below a configurable threshold, due to a partial failure or an open-circuit, individual outputs provide failure feedback. The product  is designed to work with a wide range of LED lights.

Self-calibration for Failure Detection

During installation, the unit operates a self-calibration cycle where it stores the normal operating load of each monitored circuit – calibration can be repeated at any time. The stored values are used to determine when the circuit load has reduced by 40% or more and a failure has occurred. Alternative failure thresholds can be requested. Under failure conditions, a feedback output becomes active for each affected circuit – this is ideal for controlling a dedicated warning light or buzzer, or for activating an audible message
when connected to a Nortek Audio Message Annunciator.


The product includes the facility to provide the driver with an operating check for all connected lights. Within the first 5 minutes after power-up, the driver can energise each light circuit to test its operation and the LMMU10 provides an output signal if all circuits are operating within the failure threshold. This can interface with our range of Audio Message Annunciator products for driver feedback.

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