Automotive Electronics

With over fifteen years’ experience in automotive electronic design,  Nortek Electronics has been called upon to design over thirty five new Electronic products for the Automotive Industry, including both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, at both Tier one and Tier two level.

Using the very latest technology our in-house Electronic and Software design engineers can turn your concept into a working and fully tested product, ready for fitting into a vehicle, and once the prototype is approved we can supply both small and large production runs from our comprehensive modern production facility, with the option to schedule or call off your production requirements.

Please read our Product Case Study, in order to see one example of how Nortek Electronics recently designed and produced a custom product required by a well known Coach Manufacturer.

We have also helped several manufacturers obtain an ongoing reduction in their product costs, simply by switching the manufacture of their existing requirements to Nortek Electronics, and on one occasion we were able to reduce both the footprint and cost of a customers’ existing product simply by using Automotive grade MOSFET devices to replace old fashioned hardwired relays, which were not only smaller and lighter, but with having no moving parts, they had a longer service life too.

The upgraded product also fitted seamlessly into the existing vehicle wiring loom without any modification, enabling the redesigned product to not only be fitted into new vehicles on the production line but also retrofitted into existing vehicles too.

Automotive technology changes very quickly and in several cases we have been able to add an element of “future proofing” to our customers products, for example enabling more inputs / outputs to be enabled at a later date, and for built in software to be easily updated as required, and essentially this enables one hardware product to be used with several different vehicle specifications simply by changing the Software.

Automotive Fuseboard ManufactureAs well as providing fully built and tested PCB’s and Electronic Modules, we can also offer a complete turnkey solution, and can provide your end product cased, tested and complete with your own company logo and product information, ready for the production line. We can also provide custom wiring looms to enable you to connect your product to the vehicle, and E-Mark approval can also be provided.

We work closely with manufacturers such as TE (Tyco) in order to reduce both the lead time and cost of hundreds of wiring products and connectors, and our component obsolete management, means that thanks to sourcing from a reliable and highly competitive international supply chain, your product will not just disappear overnight, due to a long lead time, or sudden component allocation.

IMG_7680Some of the products which we are have supplied in to the Automotive Industry include


Electronic Design for the automotive industrySo whether you are looking for a manufacturing partner to design and produce a new product, or you simply want us to try and reduce the manufacturing cost of an existing product, please contact us.