JMON Multi-Output CAN-BUS Interface




Nortek JMON Mk2 Multi-Output J1939 CAN-BUS Interface


The new JMON Mk2 Multi-Output J1939 CAN-BUS Interface is programmed to detect certain status changes on the CAN-BUS and translate them into multiple traditional switched positive outputs for connection to aftermarket equipment in Commercial Vehicle, Bus & Coach and Agricultural & Automotive MVR applications.

The JMon Mk2 comes  pre-programmed to detect popular functions on the vehicle CAN-BUS and provides a dedicated switched positive voltage output for each to enable the external connection of relays, or additional auxiliary equipment to each circuit.

9 Positive Switched 24v  1 Amp outputs are available

Left Turn Signal (+)

Right Turn Signal (+)

Reverse Gear Signal (+)

Foot brake Signal (+)

Parking Brake Signal (+)

Speed controlled switched output (activated at 5 mph, 10 mph & 20 mph) (+)

Headlight signal (+)

Parking Light Signal (+)

Switched Output (+) up to 20 MPH

Custom Software can be produced to detect other J1939 signals for volume requirements to cover functions not included in the standard unit.

The Jmon Mk2 is the new version of the Original Jmon Unit which is also available below.

JMon Multi-Output CAN-BUS Interface


The Nortek JMON Multi-Output CAN-BUS Interface is a highly flexible, Programmable J1939 Multi-Output Can-Bus Interface designed for Commercial Vehicle Applications and suited to both manufacturing and aftermarket environments.

JMON allows a selection of J1939 messages to be mapped to a set of general purpose relay contacts contained within the unit (MOS-FET output version also available)

The customer provides Nortek with a list of J1939 messages of interest and Nortek will hard-code them into a JMON variant customised for the Customers’ Vehicle Application. Multiple J1939 message sets can coexist within JMON, the active set being selected via DIL switch configuration.

In volume applications, the PCB Silk screen and all external labels can be fully branded with the customers’ own logos, product name and model number.

Connection & I/O Overlay

The JMON uses industry standard TE 070 Series 30 pin (Combined 18 pin & 12 pin) Multi-Lock Automotive Connector.


Supply: Voltage range is 18V – 30V; current consumption is 150mA (@27V, all relays energised).

Relays: Contains 8 relays; J1939 messages are mapped (programmed at the Factory by Nortek) to the relays; each relay contact is rated at 1A (non-inductive load).

MOS-FET Option:  MOS-FET driven outputs can replace the standard relays where high speed pulsed outputs are required, such as RPM and Speed Signal Outputs.

DIL switch: multiple J1939 mappings can be hard-coded into the unit by Nortek, and are selectable via the DIL switch.

A real world sample of a customised customer vehicle configuration for the JMON

JMON has two connectors, a 12-way and an 18-way, the 12-way section is dedicated to the CAN BUS.

Each connector has a set of power pins, it’s not necessary to use both sets of power pins, you can choose the most convenient for your application. However, we would recommend powering the unit via the 12-way connector; this eliminates the possibility of an unpowered JMON being connected to the CAN BUS, which would have unpredictable consequences.

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