Surplus Excess Electronic Components

As an Electronics Design and Manufacturer for CEM and OEM, we sometimes have Surplus Excess Electronic Components left over from Manufacturing Runs, or where changes to the design have meant Electronic Component changes to BOM’s

All of this stock is original and unused and in stock at our UK Factory. Supplied in either Tubes, Part Reels or lengths of cut tape (depending on quantity ordered and available).

Current Excess Electronic Component Stock List

STMicroelectronics VN750B5 High Side Driver

Qty Available 2k pcs +

Price: £50.00 per strip of 10 pcs (MOQ) or £430 per strip of 100 pcs

Microchip ATSAME54P20A-AU ARM Cortex Microcontroller

Qty Available 100 pcs

Price £140.00 per strip of 10 pcs (MOQ)