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Nortek V2IS 2 Way Driver – Passenger Intercom System

With the increase in the number of protective screens fitted to vehicles such as Taxi’s and Buses to segregate the driver and passenger areas, so is the increase in the requirement for a 2-Way Driver and Passenger intercom system to enable clear conversation to take place.

The V2IS is a dedicated Automotive Intercom System designed and manufactured in the UK. Its purpose is to provide audio conversation between driver and passenger in a situation where they are separated by a perspex barrier – of which also provides a degree of screening against audio feedback.

The V2IS Driver – Passenger Intercom is designed to operate from a 10v – 30v DC Supply making it suitable for fitting into a wide range of vehicles in passenger carrying applications without the need or expense of additional DC-DC Converters and is directly suitable for Taxi Cab, Uber and Bus applications.

Although the V2IS Intercom has a strong established market for Automotive applications, with the addition of a suitable 12v – 24v power supply, it can also find its way into commercial applications, such as the counter screen of Post Offices, Banks, Petrol Stations and Toll booths.

Some of the Applications for the V2IS Automotive 2-Way Intercom System include

Bus Intercom System
Coach Intercom System
Taxi Intercom System
Driver – Passenger Intercom System
Kiosk Intercom System
Counter Intercom System
Toll Booth Intercom System

The V2IS System, can be continuously powered, but has an additional control input which when connected to GND enables both the Driver and Passenger sections of the Intercom. This input can be connected to allow remote push to talk (PTT) switches controlled by each party, or alternatively be activated by control signals from elsewhere in the vehicle, such as activating the intercom when the handbrake is applied. Connection is also available for an optional indicator “TALK” lamp(s) which give a visual indication of when the Mic circuits are active.

The V2IS Intercom System can also be supplied with a pair of directional flush mount microphones, which offer a high degree of both noise cancellation and feedback rejection. A pair of gain controls are accessible from inside the Main Unit which allow additional adjustment to each Microphone channel to allow for different applications and vehicle layouts.

Power, Signal and Loudspeaker Connections are made to the V2IS using a 12 way TE Automotive connector. Microphone inputs use 3.5mm jack sockets. The Speaker outputs can drive either 8 ohm and 4 ohm speakers (4 ohm recommended for maximum output)


Custom options such as Branding and Wiring Harnesses are also available to volume users.



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