Vehicle Hearing Loop Amplifier System

VLAU-2 Inductive Loop Amplifier System for Passenger Carrying Vehicles

VLAU-2 Inductive Loop Amplifier


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The Nortek VLAU-2 Vehicle Loop Amplifier System  is a two channel audio-frequency induction loop system (AFILS) product designed for passenger carrying vehicles. Available in both Cab / Saloon and Dual Saloon models it can drive two separate induction loop channels in dual zone configuration and is designed for use with Nortek Hearing loop coil pads, which provide localised hearing loop areas.

This system is designed for Bus, Tram & other Public Transport vehicle installations and for several years we have been manufacturing this product on an OEM basis for many key vehicle builders.

Typically one localised loop is assigned to the cab platform area to facilitate communication between the driver mic and passenger. The other loop(s) are assigned to coverage of the saloon area(s) for use with the vehicle’s integral announcement or PA system (e.g. iBUS) or our Nortek VMMS Annunicator System

A microphone input is provided for the driver cab area which can be controlled automatically by operation of the vehicle handbrake for use in Passenger Vehicle applications.

Options of either speaker level or line level inputs are provided for the saloon area for direct connection to external Audio or In-Vehicle Messaging Systems such as IBUS or Nortek VMMS.

Speaker level inputs are hard wired via the multiway TE connector whilst Mic and Line level inputs are connected using 3-pin mini XLR plugs.

The VLAU-2 Inductive Loop Amplifier is available in four configurations to suit different applications

VLAU-2 SC-MX  Cab & Saloon Driver Mic Input (Cab) & Speaker Level Input (Saloon)

VLAU-2 SC-IT Dual Saloon Single speaker level input feeding both Saloon channels

VLAU-2 LX-MX Cab & Saloon, Driver Mic Input (Cab) & Mini XLR Line Level Input (Saloon)

VLAU-2 LX-IT Dual Saloon. Single Line Level Mini XLR Input feeding both channels

Unlike many domestic hearing loop products used within the vehicle environment our system is designed, tested and fully warrantied for continuous operation in Automotive applications, and is CE, UKCA and E-Marked. Being dual zoned, a single VLAU-2 unit can replace two of the single output domestic products, effectively saving money on both the product cost and installation time.

A headphone output is provided to aid the installation process.


    • 24 Volt DC Operation – no requirement for additional DC-DC Converters
    • Independent Dual Zone Operation – Cab & Saloon or Dual Saloon Options
    • Cost effective – replaces the requirement for using two products with single output
    • Speaker, Line & Mic Level input configurations
    • Automatic Driver Mic activation on Cab Loop controlled by Handbrake input
    • Convection Cooled – No Fan noise or moving parts
    • Microprocessor controlled Intelligent Protection Circuits
    • Directly Compatible with Industry IBUS or Nortek Messaging Systems
    • Low & High Sided Inputs for external remote control (factory option)
    • Industry Standard TE Automotive Connectors
    • Rugged Mini XLR Input Connections
    • CE, UKCA and E-Mark approvals
    • Custom Wiring harness Options for Volume Users
    • Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Although designed for Automotive Use, the Nortek Inductive Loop Amplifier can also be used in commercial applications such as Counter and Kiosk installations with the addition of a suitable 24v dc Power Supply. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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