‘VS’ CCTV Video Switchers

Nortek Desktop Video Switch

  • Self contained programmable video switchers for Commercial and Retail Applications
  • Available with 4 & 8 Camera Inputs
  • Rugged, Robust Metal Case
  • Professional BNC Style Connectors
  • Programmable Dwell Time
  • Removable 75 ohm terminations
  • Alarmed versions available
  • Powered via low voltage mains adaptor

VS84 Series Manual PDF Download

VS88 / VS88A Manual PDF

VS Series Leaflet Download (PDF)

British ManufacturingThe Nortek Series of six low voltage sequential cctv video switchers utilise flush membrane style switches, giving positive tactile feedback and visual camera identification via LED indicators.

Independent sequencing of each camera is variable from 1 to 250 seconds, with manual override controlled by individual channel switches.

Unused camera inputs can be skipped and for additional security disconnected inputs will display a blank screen unless they are programmed out.

With a choice ( during installation) of either normally open or normally closed alarm contacts, auto sequencing is overridden when an external alarm is triggered thereby automatically switching to the camera which is in the alarmed state. The first alarmed camera will then be overridden should a second alarm state be triggered and will run for a programmable period of between 1 and 250 seconds nominal.

A second wiring option is available to the installer, whereby the switcher will only revert to auto camera sequence mode once the alarm state has been manually reset. A voltage free relay is provided for triggering a VCR or additional alarm. The internal audible alarm within the unit may be silenced.

A spot monitor function, and two video outputs are provided on the VS88 and VS88A versions, with independent sequence for each camera.

Nortek VS series cctv video switchers

The Nortek Electronics VS Switcher Range is available in the following versions.

VS 82 2 Camera inputs, 1 monitor output, programmable skip & dwell

VS84 4 camera inputs, 1 monitor output programmable skip & dwell

VS88 8 camera inputs, 2 monitor output programmable skip & dwell

***Sorry, the VS Range has now been Discontinued***

Replacement power supplies are still available to buy online using the form below.

Qty Replacement Power Supply for VS Series - £16.00