‘RS’ & ‘RC’ Series CCTV Remote Switches

Remote CCTV Video Switchers
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Complete backwards compatibility with older RS616 Family
  • Cat5 Cabling to Handsets
  • 16 or 8 Camera Variants
  • 1 or 4 Monitor Options
  • Video Cat5 to Coax Balun Option
  • Handset options for 4, 8 , 12 or 16 Cameras (RC8x series)
  • Manual or Operator set auto sequence
  • 4 Alarms per handset – assignable to any 4 cameras
  • Handset (RC) to Switcher (RS) Range upto 150 Meters
  • Note: For each monitor output an RC keyboard is required




Britain-Logo2The Nortek Remote Switch family moves into a new generation with the RS816 and RS88 Sixteen and eight camera remote switches. Sixteen Cameras can be switched to upto four monitors completely independently.

The system finds applications in installations where personnel are required to be able to view some or all of the security systems’ video channels without having access to the recording equipment. Covert cameras can be locked out by the setting of the control handset or made inaccessible through using a handset with less channels than the remote switch.

Note:- For each monitor output an RC Keyboard is required.

Nortek CCTV Remote Switcher

Designed for ease of installation, the RS8xx family of switches can be assembled into a working system very quickly through the use of plug & socket connections for every interface. Cameras and Monitors are BNC Connected, whilst the controller handsets are CAT5 using RJ45 connectors. Power is 12vdc which is connected through a 3.5mm jack located on the main RS box. The controller handsets are powered through the control cable.

Cabling is reduced by sending the monitor video output down the remote control handset CAT5 cable, converting back to coax in the handset for a short run to a monitor. BNC video out from the remote switch is still included, when the CAT5 option is used.

Backward compatibility is ensured because the RS816 family is designed to inter-operate with the legacy series of Nortek RS616 Family, therefore old and new RS switches and handsets can be re-used because the connections offered at the RJ45 sockets are also repeated as terminal blocks at both ends of the system.

The RS / RC Range consists of the following models and options.

The RS Remote Switch Range

RS816 – 16 Camera, 4 Monitor

RS816 CAT5 – 16 Camera, 4 Monitor, Twisted Pair Video

RS816/1 –  16 Camera, 1 Monitor, Twisted Pair Video

RS88 – 8 Camera, 4 Monitor

RS88 CAT5 – 8 Camera, 4 Monitor, Twisted Pair Video

RS88/1 – 8 Camera, 1 Monitor, Twisted Pair Video

The RC Remote Keypad Controller Range

RC816 – 16 Channel keypad

RC816A – 16 Channel keypad with Alarms

RC816 CAT5 – 16 Channel keypad, twisted pair video

RC88 – 8 Channel keypad

RC88A – 8 Channel keypad with Alarms

RC88 CAT5 – 8 Channel keypad, twisted pair video

RC84 – 4 Channel keypad

RC84A – 4 Channel keypad with Alarms

RC84 CAT5 – 4 Channel keypad, twisted pair video


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