Nortek VMMS Audio Message Annunciator System

VMMS Audio Message Annunciator System










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The Nortek VMMS Audio Message Annunciator System is a flexible electronic multi-message system capable of storing multiple audio messages for the relaying of warning or general public announcement messages in a wide and varied range of applications from Vehicle, Public Transport, Industrial, Fire Suppression and Commercial applications.

A total of 15 Electrical inputs are available, which can be configured as either high or low side inputs, (5V switching compatibility is also available on the high side inputs). These inputs can be mapped to play individual messages based on the customer or application requirements and each VMMS unit will store multiple messages without the need for SD Cards.

Nortek has a wide variety of standard message sets, configured off the shelf to suit most Automotive & Vehicle applications. However we can also customise either individual messages or create entire message sets to our customers’ requirements in Male or Female voice options and even different languages.

A random sample of some of the standard messages available are available below.

“Handbrake Warning Message”


“Smoke Detected Warning Message”


“Fire System Pressure Low Warning” (For vehicle fire suppression systems)


Messages can be configured to repeat, until a status changes or condition is reset, and in addition we can also program messages to be given individual priority, for example where a warning or fire message needs to be played over any concurrent message activation.

The Nortek VMMS is available with either 1 or 2 speaker outputs, each individually controllable for volume. We offer both accessible volume controls and hidden internal volume controls in relation to the enclosure style, and in addition the main speaker output can be tamper protected (to flag any physical disconnection).

The VMMS Audio Message Annunciator System will operate from 18v – 32v dc making it suitable for many applications, whether powered from a Vehicle or using a suitable 24v dc power supply for use in other applications (available upon request).

The Nortek VMMS is also E-marked for vehicle applications and is also available as a CANBUS option

VMMS Specification

18v – 32v dc Operation (reverse polarity protected)
15 Electrical Inputs (High side & Low Side configuration)
A total of up to 3 minutes 30 seconds worth of internal message storage
1 or 2 individually controlled External Speaker Outputs (1.1w @ 8 ohm)
Message Repeat and Priority Message options
Accessible or Tamper proof Internal Volume Control options
Speaker Tamper Monitoring
Automotive industry standard 070 series 18 pin & 12 pin connector
E-Marked for Automotive Applications
External Dimensions 135mm x 150mm x 35mm

Benefit from a UK Designed and Manufactured tried and tested product, with 1000’s of units sold every year


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