Intelligent Speed Assist System

intelligent speed assist


Intelligent Speed Assist System

Introducing DEPOT BRO, an Intelligent Speed Assist System and the latest addition to the Nortek ‘BRO’ series of automotive safety products for the commercial vehicle, Bus & Coach and the road haulage industry.

In today’s world of fast moving multi-drop deliveries and high pressure demands from customers, every second counts in meeting these tight deadlines, however, safety should always remain the sole objective for both drivers and vehicle operators alike, especially within the boundaries of  key customer depots when familiarity with surroundings can often lead to complacency or even risk taking. Which is where an intelligent speed assist system can prevent fines, accidents or even the Haulier being excluded from making future deliveries due to habitual exceeding of the posted site speed limits.

Site speed limits can be difficult to enforce within the perimeter of sites such as Bus Depots, Delivery hubs and high risk sites such oil refineries, where large vehicles personnel and even hazardous chemicals are all in close proximity to each other. The Depot Bro intelligent speed assist aims to address this by either sounding an audible / visual warning when a pre-programmed location is accessed, or by more direct means of limiting the physical speed of the vehicle to that of the site being accessed regardless of the throttle position whilst it is within the area programmed by the Geo Fence.

Single or Multiple site locations can be programmed at the time of manufacture, along with different site speed limits. In addition, roads, streets and entire towns can be incorporated to form the means of a full Intelligent Speed Assist system

The Nortek Depot Bro Intelligent Speed Assist uses the latest affordable technology which makes it ideal for small to medium operators where the expense of a full scale monitored Telemetry system is not justified and is also ideal for aftermarket applications where an ISA Intelligent speed assist system is not part of the vehicle manufacturers’ standard equipment.


  • Single Site or Multi-depot mapping
  • Customer specified speed limit(s)
  • Audible or Visual warning
  • Physical on-site vehicle speed limiting (option)
  • Internal High Accuracy GPS
  • Ignition activated
  • Tamper proof
  • No requirement for installed TSR based Cameras
  • E-Mark Approval

The Depot Bro Speed Governor is in the final stages of development and testing and will be available to purchase soon. For more information on this product, or to pre-register your interest with no obligation, please use the product enquiry form below.