Vehicle Safety Products

Electronic Products for Vehicle Safety Applications

Nortek Electronics manufacture a wide and varied range of Electronic Products for Vehicle Safety Applications. Since 1978 we have been the OEM silently manufacturing and re-branding products for key Vehicle manufacturers and fitted into Buses and HGV’s all over the world. Now you can buy our full range of Vehicle Safety products directly from the Manufacturer with the confidence that there are already thousands of our tried and tested products keeping drivers and passengers safe on a daily basis.

All of our products are designed and built in the UK and EMC E-Mark approved to regulation 10.



Vehicle Inductive Loop Amplifier System

*Hearing Loop Amplifier System for Passenger Vehicles
*Cab / Saloon & Dual Saloon Option Available
*Mic and Speaker Level Inputs for Connection to Audio message Systems

6 Channel Vehicle LED Light Failure Monitor

*Detects Failure of LED Lighting Clusters
*Programmable Current Threshold Options
*12v & 24v Versions Available




Nortek 10 Channel Vehicle LED Light Failure Monitor

* Failure Monitoring of up to 10 individual lamp circuits*
*Self-Calibration stores load characteristics of each circuit*
*24 Volt Operation*



Nortek VMMS Audio Message Annunciator System

*15 Electrical Inputs (High or Low Side)
*Upto 3 Minutes 30 Seconds of Message Storage
*1 or 2 Speaker Output Options
* Bespoke Message Options for Custom Applications




Nortek Varu Vehicle Audio Message Annunciator

*Audio Message Annunciator for Vehicle Applications
*12v dc & 24v dc options Available
*Suitable for LGV, HGV, Bus & Coach Applications
*5 Electrical Inputs (High or Low Side)


V2IS 2 Way Automotive Intercom System






V2IS 2 Way Vehicle Intercom System

* Clear, Responsive Communication between Driver & Passenger
* Push to Talk Operation with Talk Indicator
* 12v / 24v DC Operation
* Electret Microphones for Wide Range Audio Pick Up


Intelligent Speed Assist System

*Site Based Intelligent Speed Assist
*Audible & Visual Alert or Forced Vehicle Speed Limitation
*Limits Vehicle Speed whilst on high risk sites or in Cities
*Suitable for Vehicle Builders or Aftermarket Installation








AVAS Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

*Produces Sound to alert pedestrians to the presence of EV Vehicles  & Buses
*Fully Compliant with the regulatory requirements of UN ECE 138 for quiet vehicles
*Can be programmed with the London Urban Bus Sound or Custom Audio
*Meets TFL Requirements for vehicles used within London
*Obtains speed signal from J1939 CANBUS


*Product Details Coming Soon*