Brexit Preparation Statement

2nd December 2020

Brexit (The UK’s departure from the EU) began on 31st January 2020 and we have now entered into a transition period until December 31st 2020 which will not be extended, despite the current C-19 Pandemic. Naturally what happens in relation to trade between the UK and EU members at the end of the year could raise concerns with some of Nortek’s customers. Whilst negotiating and delivering trade terms with the EU remain the UK Government’s priority  neither Nortek nor any other business can currently make any cast iron guarantees or predictions in relation to the long term trade implications when the UK exits completely at the end of 2020, especially in the event of a no deal situation where we will revert to trading on WTO rules.

Early planning plays a large part in dealing with any challenges which present themselves to any Business and Brexit is no exception. At the start of 2019 Nortek carried out a full impact assessment on how and where Brexit may affect our customers in the areas of both production and supply chain, and our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we do have contingencies and stock holding of fast moving components in place in order to overcome any short – medium term supply shortages.

The statement below is an overview on how Nortek plans to avoid any supply disruption, during and after the current transition.


Nortek is a wholly UK owned Manufacturer with a single manufacturing site based in Royle Street, Congleton, Cheshire. With all of our manufacturing and active customer base currently located within the United Kingdom we do not foresee any potential “Brexit” issues in relation to staff, manufacturing or deliveries to these customers and so production will continue as normal into 2021. Should this situation change and any orders be placed for delivery to any EU Member Country after Brexit is completed then these orders will be accepted, raised and duly delivered based on the Tariffs, Duties, Export & Trade Agreements applicable at that particular time.

Supply Chain

Nortek has a wide and varied worldwide supply chain in place consisting of over seventy trusted individual suppliers, built up over many decades of trade. Our core suppliers are already largely based in the UK, Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada and Asia and so we do not foresee any short or long term supply issues with the bulk of our schedules and materials purchases regardless of the effects of Brexit.

Of the few suppliers that we trade with, which are either headquartered or have warehousing based within the EU these are larger entities who have their own long term planning in place and we are currently working closely with them during the current transition in order to mitigate any supply or trade issues when (or if ) they should arise. However we are already in a position to source any affected materials and components from alternative suppliers outside of the EU on either a temporary or permanent basis with the minimum of disruption should supplies from the EU be interrupted.

Due to the much documented World-Wide supply issues and long lead times with MLCC Capacitors and several other components over the last few years, Nortek already maintains stock holding of several months worth of general key components used within all Electronic products and this stock will cover our existing production order book throughout any changes in our supply chain.

There are, however, certain aspects within the transition which may be unpredictable or of which no business has any control over and so our Customers are encouraged to help us to continue to support them by monitoring their own stock levels and placing schedules with us as far as possible into 2021. This will enable us to hold current prices and ensure adequate stock of any custom, long lead time or specialist components uniquely used within their designs.

Legislation & Certification

Currently there has been no final decision or indication as to which legislation and EU Regulations the UK will choose to continue to follow. However it is likely that the UK will continue to follow existing legislation for at least the current transitional period and into 2021 and existing approvals such as E-Mark certificates will still be valid. However, Nortek will strive to meet any future applicable legislation or regulatory changes as and when they are rolled out.

This page will be updated with more details as more information becomes available. Last Updated 2nd December 2020.