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The Nortek VARU, Vehicle Audio Message Annunciator, is a ‘lite’ version of our popular VMMS Audio Message Annunciator, designed for Vehicle Messaging Applications, where vehicle status or warning messages and / or sounds need to be relayed to the Driver or Passengers.

With both 12 volt and 24 volt models available, the fully E-Marked Vehicle message annunciator is suitable for LGV, HGV or Passenger Carrying Vehicle applications, the Nortek VARU is capable of storing up to five independently addressed Audio Messages ranging from Vehicle status driver based messages from simple warning messages such as Handbrake off or Door Open alerts, to Fire Warnings, externally triggered by Smoke or Heat Detectors.

The VARU can also be programmed with vehicle start up messages, such as reminding the driver not to use a mobile phone, vehicle height reminders or seat belt alerts.

The Nortek VARU MT-01 also forms the foundation of our Vehicle Handbrake Warning Alert

Basic Audio Alerts, such as door open chimes or Electronic Bell sounds can also be programmed. Audio Messages can be programmed to repeat endlessly until a status is reset and can be given higher priority, such as Fire warning messages taking precedence over lower priority status messages.

A wide and varied range of off the shelf message sets can be programmed, or Nortek can arrange individual messages or entire message sets customised and professionally recorded for the customer application.

A sample of one of the audio messages available is given below


A total of 5 Electrical Inputs are available, which can be configured for either low or high side input, with messages played to an externally connected speaker via a built in amplifier

Nortek VARU Product Specifications

12v & 24v Models Available for LGV, HGV and Bus & Coach Applications
Built in Amplifier (1.1w @ 8 Ohm)
5 Electrical Inputs which can be configured for either low or high side inputs
Each Varu will store up to a total of 3 minutes 30 seconds worth of messages
E-Mark Approved for Vehicle Applications
Industry Standard 12 pin Automotive Connector (TE 12 pin 070 Series)
External Dimensions 84mm x 125mm x 35mm
Custom Branding and Label option for volume orders


The VARU is proudly designed and manufactured in the UK at our factory site in Congleton, Cheshire.


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