Track Bro Portal Offline

Track Bro Portal – Cessation of Service

Dear Track Bro Customer,

I’m sure that a few of you who often use the Tracking Portal have noticed a problem logging in for the last few weeks, this was caused by the Open Source Portal ‘TRACCAR’ requiring a database upgrade, which was delayed due to Staff furlough at the Factory. However the main protective Geo-fence and Anti-Theft features remained accessible by Text Message throughout since these are directly accessed over the Mobile Network and are not affected by any downtime of the Portal.

Unfortunately the original Software problem has escalated to a complete failure of the service recently, when our facility was hit by a power surge and subsequent power outage, caused by a recent storm. The surge, unfortunately damaged the servers which were used to host the service. All user accounts and data stored on the drives has also been lost.

Replacing the server hardware is expensive, and for what is essentially a Free Service for a now discontinued legacy product with no subscription user-base, it has been declared not economically viable to replace the damaged hardware in order to bring the service back online. The Track Bro product itself was discontinued in 2018, so we also no longer have sales of product to subsidise the costs.

We regret having to make this decision with no notice, but events beyond our control have left us with no option.

Although Nortek will no longer be providing this service, we are happy to announce that the Author of the TRACCAR script (which ran our Portal) also offers a free Tracking Portal hosting service which works in exactly the same way, and you can simply register a new account with this service and change a small section of the Track Bro configuration in order to switch over to it.

Firstly, you will need to register a username, email address and password to use the TRACCAR portal using This Link

Next you will need to update your Track Bro configuration to send GPS data to the new Host, to do this send a text message to the phone number of the sim inside your Trackbro containing the following command (replace <space> with a physical space)


Next Login to the new TRACCAR Portal using the credentials you have just registered. To add your Tracker to the new portal you will need to add the unique ID from your Track Bro under “Add Devices” section. To do this follow section 4.3.1 of the Track Bro User Guide

You can get the Unique ID Number of your Tracker from the label on your Track Bro. Alternatively, the ID number is also sent on the Google Map link Text Message which your Tracker sends when you call it.

If you also use the Mobile APP, you will need to use the new portal web url – and your new credentials to log in. On some devices this may be easier to do by the fresh re-installation of the APP.

That’s it, nothing else needs to be changed, and you can continue to enjoy your Track Bro using the alternate hosting service.

If you should need any further assistance, please email

Sorry for the inconvenience.